Company Management

Johan Häggblad, PhD - Chief Executive Officer

Dr Häggblad has more than 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry served in managerial and executive roles at KaroBio AB (1989-1997), Pharmacia Corporation (1997-2001) and NeuroNova (2001-2007). He has a professional background in international pharma R&D as well as in business development and has a track record of several license, asset transfer and supply transactions. Dr Häggblad holds a BSc in Chemistry and a PhD in Neurochemistry and Neurotoxicology from Stockholm University. He received postdoctoral training in physiology and pharmacology at New York University and Oxford University, and in business and administration at Warwick University, UK.

Anders Hultman, BSc - Chief Financial Officer

Mr Hultman has more than 15 years’ experience in managerial and executive positions mainly in finance, sales and marketing. Furthermore, he has extensive international experience from several executive positions such as CFO, Sales Director, Product Marketing Director and CEO in the IT, Telecom and e-commerce industry. He has also worked as a journalist at Reuters and founded several companies. Mr Hultman received his BSc in Business Administration and Economics from Uppsala University.

Nora Sjödin, RN, BSc - Vice President Regulatory Affairs

Nora Sjödin has 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, of which the last 17 were spent in Regulatory Affairs. Her professional background includes various senior positions such as Global Regulatory Affairs Director at AstraZeneca and prior to joining Pharmalink, she supported small- to mid-sized companies as a Principal Consultant at NDA Regulatory Service AB. Her experience covers all drug development phases from early development through to file maintenance, and includes global regulatory strategies, Health Authority interactions in Europe, US and Asia, and several kinds of regulatory application procedures. Mrs Sjödin has a BSc in General Nursing and has clinical experience of more than 15 years from Health care and hospitals prior to joining industry.


Kari Sandvold, MSc Pharm - Vice President Pharmaceutical Development

Kari Sandvold joined Pharmalink in May 2016. She has more than 25 years of extensive experience working with pharmaceutical development of new products and manufacturing, including Technology Transfer, CMC regulatory and clinical supply. Of these, more than 14 years have been in leading/management positions.  Kari has a track record of developing new products intended for the global market, all the way from pharmaceutical development, tech transfer and filing, by having key roles and responsibilities in the development projects.  Previous positions have been in both big pharma and in small/medium -sized pharma companies, and the most recent position was as Head of Pharmaceutical Development at Orexo AB.


Ann-Kristin Myde, BSc - Vice President Project Management

Ann-Kristin Myde has more than 25 years of experience from global pharmaceutical companies. She has experience in leading several global drug development and clinical project teams in all aspects from phase 1 to phase 3 and launch in senior clinical and project management positions at Kabi Pharmacia and AstraZeneca.


She was also the AstraZeneca alliance director in charge of a two projects collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb where she actively managed the relationship and the strategy with the partner. Ann-Kristin received her BSc in biochemistry from the University of Stockholm.