Company Strategy
Pharmalink’s strategy is to draw on its proven expertise in pharmaceutical product development and marketing to identify, develop and commercialise high-value new medicines in niche indications where there is significant unmet medical need.

As exemplified by its lead project Nefecon, the Pharmalink team works with partners to transform the potential of known pharmaceutical actives to generate new products with clear medical and commercial potential while mitigating development risk. Pharmalink’s projects are delivered by close interaction between the Pharmalink team and a world-class network of physicians, research providers, partners and consultants with a sustained focus on maximising value and addressing factors critical to successful commercialisation: trial design, regulatory submissions, CMC, robust IP and product protection, pricing and market access.

Pharmalink will generate value from its products through strategic partnering and, after registration, its own sales and marketing in niche indications and specific geographies where it can leverage its proven track record and experience.

The Pharmalink model delivers new pharmaceutical products and real value to investors, collaborators and, most importantly, to patients.

Succesful development and divestment of its lead project, Xepol®, in June 2010 with all intellectual property and assets related to the product acquired by Grifols. Pharmalink currently has two additional clinical phase development projects, Nefecon® and BusulipoTM.