Products Overview
The Pharmalink model provides for effective development and de-risking of global product candidates. The proven expertise of the Pharmalink development team spans from preclinical development through to clinical Phase 4.

Pharmalink’s development objectives are achieved by close interaction between the Pharmalink team and a world-class network of physicians, research providers, partners and consultants with a sustained focus on maximising value and addressing factors critical to commercialisation: trial design and execution, regulatory strategy and submissions, pharmaceutical development and drug product manufacture as well as robust IP and product protection. In addition, Pharmalink’s network also covers leading advisors for pricing, market access and legal items.

As highlighted by the lead project Nefecon, thorough multidisciplinary planning and execution delivered a Phase 2b trial that met its study objectives. Pharmalink is now preparing for Phase 3 and subsequent product registration.

The Company will also assess opportunities for clinical stage and near-to-market niche or hospital care products where its development and marketing expertise can be leveraged.